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I’m So Here PART II – The Forest Cave


Story Sharing Universum presents:

I’m So Here PART II – The Forest Cave – A storywalk performance about identity.

Listen to the stories that seep out of the secret forest cave. The roots are deep and the spirits are summoned from the far side of the world.

I´m So Here is a series of performances whose main themes are the individual and cultural identity from the perspective of the newcomer. How have I been received in the country and society where I moved or fled, and how has it affected me? What do I carry with me from my background and how do I and my identity change in the new culture and who then have I become? The texts of the performances are based on the life stories of the working group. In the second part of I´m So Here we tell and share the stories about our cultural roots, ancestors, and ghosts.

The performances consist of site-specific story walks in which viewers get to experience the stories of the performers in different outdoor spaces.

In this strange place, I ended up in

Do I look the same?
Do I feel the same?
Do I think the same?
Do I act the same?
Is this still me?

Free entrance / Vapaa pääsy

Limited audience capacity / Rajoitettu katsojamäärä

Obligatory pre-booking/ Pakolliset ennakkovaraukset : (PRESS HERE)

Performance language: English

Directed by Max Bremer, Markus Luukkonen and Åsa Nybo.

The Story Sharing Universum – I´m So Here group :
Alaa Altamimi, Ahmed Fahady, Albina Raivio, Amin Rasekh, Amjad Sher, Anna Uschanov, Anthony Van Cleave, Diego James, Ekaterina Meriläinen, Jean-Luc Rossin, Margherita Zilliacus, Maria Kramar Von Numers, Markus Luukkonen, Max Bremer, Namrata Sethi, Nena Stenius, Robin DeWan, Sahar Arvekari, Åsa Nybo.

About Story Sharing Universum:
The Story Sharing Universum project wants to promote the meeting between people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and realities. The project started at the Theatrehouse Universum in Helsinki and aims to reduce prejudice, fear, and racism and to promote equality, tolerance, and inclusion through stage art and storytelling. From 2014 we have created the participatory theater performance Under The Same Roof and developed the Story Sharing Café -concept. Our multicultural working group of ca 20 people from all parts of the world has organized numerous Story Sharing Café performances and storytelling workshops in cooperation with many partners all around Finland. In 2017, we were awarded the title Theater Achievement of the Year by the Finnish Theater Center and in 2018 we received the Stina Krook Foundation’s award for our work.

Produced by Story Sharing Universum & Theatre House Universum

Supported by: Svenska Kulturfonden, Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Svenska Teaterföreningen i Finland, Samuel Huberin taidesäätiö, Stiftelsen Emilie och Rudolf Gesellius fond, William Thurings stiftelse. Helsinki City.



Sep 04 2021


UTC: +3:00
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm


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