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Story Sharing Café is an easy and fun event where people from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and realities can meet and share everyday stories. You can come alone or bring a friend and share stories and memories in small groups at coffee tables hosted by members of our Story Sharing group. We also have some special storytelling guests and an open storysharing mic. We will create a heartwarming and enjoyable event! We speak at least Arabic, English, Finnish, Hindi, Pashto, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, And Swedish.

The multicultural and multiprofessional Story Sharing Universum group has at present 22 members from 14 nationalities. We have organized more than 60  Story Sharing Cafes and creative story workshops around Finland for thousands of participants in 2016 – 2022. During this time, the project has attracted attention and appreciation both as an artistic concept and as an integration and communication tool. The project is created and produced by artists and staff of the Theatre House Universum in Helsinki.

The Story Sharing Universum project aims to promote the meeting of immigrants, asylum seekers and native Finns on equal basis through the sharing of life stories. The goal is to reduce prejudices, fear and racism and to promote equality and tolerance (through the art of stories).


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